Sharing Stories

Sharing Stories

Each of us has a wonderful story to tell – the story of our life. Sharing those stories is important, both for ourselves and for those in our personal communities, sometimes even for the wider community. In sharing those stories we re-connect with our personal histories and those of the people around us, we are reminded of the value of each and every life.

I have been working in partnership with  Watford’s Peace Hospice over the past 18 months to develop a programme for sharing stories. Each series of workshops has as its objectives

  • To recount and record own life stories – anecdotes, words of wisdom, dreams, reminiscences and experiences
  • Opportunity to reflect, accept and understand
  • Opportunity to acknowledge the value of life and the contribution made
  • Opportunity to make sense of experiences, express emotions and be able to move on


The reaction of the patients and their families to this experience was very positive. They reported enhanced feelings of wellbeing, happiness and a generally improved quality of life. Patients visibly brighten and do not want to leave. A family member reported: “my mother is talking again and painting again – thank you”.

Life Stories is a new project, to discuss its outcomes call me direct on 07729 064483