About Miranda

Miranda QuinneyI am a professional story maker and biographer. I tell stories, help others make stories, facilitate story workshops, perform stories and work with theatre and film. I work with all sorts of people in all sorts of different environments. Clients range from schools looking for an experienced creative practitioner to work with children at pre-school, primary and secondary schools levels to hospice support and day care where I work with individuals with limited life expectancy on both a one to one and on a group basis.

I love stories and the thrill of sharing them, my Sharing Stories and Making Stories workshops provide an opportunity to share this experience.

It is also a huge privilege to be a biographer; helping individuals record their very own life stories. Watching a young child read their grandparent’s life story from cover to cover- and appreciate, quite often for the first time , that the old man or woman with whom they are so familiar was young once and led an exciting life is an extraordinary experience. My Saving Stories service enables clients to share this opportunity and get the family stories circulating again.

I have an unusual background having trained and practiced as a City lawyer before a varied career in international recruitment. When my second child started school, I took the opportunity to return to my first loves of books, reading and writing,  drama and music –Sharing, Making and Saving Stories is the result.

For more information about what I do, outline costings and availability please contact me direct by e-mail mirandaquinney@yahoo.co.ukor by telephone 07729064483.